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MQue Systems™ is a is a full service systems consulting company that specializes in enterprise and business architecture, especially the integration of highly distributed, high volume, mission-critical business systems.

All Enterprise information and services
rapidly and reliably available
in an open and usable format,
from anywhere at any time

This is our mission statement. We realize it's a rather ambitious goal, so see for yourself. MQS is committed to delivering solutions that satisfy the most demanding distributed enterprise application integration requirements.

Tell us how you want to run your business

Our integration model is designed to solve the most demanding enterprise integration needs -- for organization that require the highest level of performance, flexibility and reliability. Tell us how you want to run your business, and we'll show you how to to integrate your systems. Our business is distributed systems integration, and we've learned a lot along the way

We architect solutions that are based on a set of clearly-defined design goals. These goals, and NOT technology, are what dictate the solutions we recommend and employ.

Our business is integrating your business

Whatever the access point to your business information -- whether it be a corporate web server that your customer uses to access information and services, or a spreadsheet on a PC that your finance department uses to analyze current sales information -- MQS delivers solutions. We ensure that your corporate and customer portals can quickly and reliably access all the enterprise information and services they need, whenever it's needed, wherever it's needed.

Enterprise Information Model

EIM™ is MQue Systems's enterprise information model, a comprehensive and extensible event-driven information architecture and distribution model. This model greatly simplifies the task of delivering and consolidating highly distributed data, and ensures that all enterprise data is accurate, secure and rapidly accessible.


OSMQ™ is an open-source, high-performance, asynchronous message framework written entirely in Java. OSMQ now includes a high availability message broker, built on top of the OSMQ framework, and supports both peer-to-peer and publish / subscribe message passing models.

Integration Expertise

We have the skills and experience that are required to integrate your business. We understand that integration is critical to your business. We also understand the challenges and complexity of successfully integrating large, complex, heterogeneous, geographically dispersed enterprise environments. We've been there, and we know what works and what doesn't.